365 Days Until Our Nation Sets a New Course

Nov 4, 2011
365 Days Until Our Nation Sets a New Course

One year from Tuesday, Americans will go to the polls for what will be the most important election in generations.

We will decide whether to re-elect a President who may have created history in 2008, but since then has done nothing but create a sense of despair among Americans.

President Barack Obama has presided over what many perceive as the worst Recession since the Great Depression and to make it worse, he has expanded the size and influence of government — from new regulations on business to passage of Obamacare to the doubling of the number of federal bureaucrats earning $150,000 or more. Unemployment has soared to 10.3 percent in places like Georgia, and 45.3 million Americans now pay for groceries with food stamps.

With 12 months until the polls open, we need to focus on a course for the nation. On Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012, we need to wake up and know that voters have expanded the Republican majority in Congress so we can take steps to immediately repeal Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank banking regulations and other regulatory burdens that discourage hiring.

More important, we need a new majority in the United States Senate. The Senate has always been key to adopting important entitlement and tax reforms that will move our nation into the 21st Century and make it a desirable place to do business.

This year is the first year that 10 million baby boomers start to retire, setting in motion the drawn-down of Medicare, Social Security and potentially Medicaid. The only way to grow our economy with such entitlements hovering overhead is to follow a model set by Ronald Reagan.

Reagan inherited a mess of an economy, and like John F. Kennedy adopted tax reform to get it in high gear. That doesn’t mean one-time cuts or temporary rebates or stimulus, but instead we need an incredible restructuring of the tax code to insure that individuals and business pay less. We need to create a consumer-driven economy in which more jobs will be needed and businesses will grow with free market principles.

While there are many issues on the table right now, there are three things that need to be done to turn things around. First, we must have real cuts in federal spending.  Year over year, we have to spend less.  Second, we need a tax code that reflects the 21st century economy.  Finally, we need to de-regulate small business and allow the American entrepreneurial spirit to take hold again.  In 2007, America was the 3rd best place to start a business, today we’ve dropped to 13th. This is not the America we want and we must have change, the right kind of change at every level of government.  Conservative principles proudly implemented always win for the American people and we are winners.

In 2012, we will need a leader that believes Americans do better with more of their own money in their pocket. We need someone with business sense, who has lived under conservative principles and can foster a pro-jobs business environment. Then, and only then will we have found a leader who thinks our nation is truly exceptional, that every state a has budding genius like Steve Jobs who will invent new products, create a new companies and leave this Great Recession for the history books.

In 365 days, we can all have our say in electing a leader who knows the road to recovery and it comes from outside Washington.

Zoller is a political analyst and conservative talk show host for WXKT FM 103.7 in Gainesville, Georgia. She is the author of “Indivisible: Uniting Values for a Divided America”.

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