On the Issues

Civil Rights

Where I Stand

First, I feel it’s important to clearly identify what is truly a violation of civil rights. Denying services based on race, creed, or color is a violation of civil rights. An instance where a person is offended is not a violation of civil rights. I am sure as I get older, there are opportunities that will not be available to me that were when I was younger. That is not a violation of civil rights.

There is a discussion about the rights of people based on sexual orientation. While I believe access should not be denied based on sexual orientation, it is not the same as denying services based on race since bedroom activities cannot be determined by appearance.

The law is an even playing field but sometimes we, as humans, fall short. We have to be able to rise above. As a southerner, I am aware of our past, but the present has shown that we have risen above our past.