On the Issues


Where I Stand

The entire health care system in our country is in crisis. Medicare is out of control, illegal immigrants are placing huge burdens on both care and costs, and lack of personal responsibility is hindering the medical community. When the Federal government got involved in the health system, costs started skyrocketing. We knew back in 1967 that there was a problem with Medicare and did nothing. Now, as the population ages, Medicare is going to be the biggest financial and social problem we face.

We need to get back to a free market system and begin looking at the real cost of health care again. In fear of the pending health care bill that was passed, retail giants came up with their own ways to offer discount prescriptions and in-store primary care clinics at a much reduced cost. Affordable care is possible.

But we also need to repeal Obamacare. I support Congressman Paul Broun’s proposed bill that repeals the health care law and replaces it with four solutions aimed at lowering costs and increasing accessibility without government interference.

How people rely on care is another issue we must face. Americans now treat insurance like a health care finance plan instead of insurance and it discourages people from taking personal responsibility. Many of the chronic and life-threatening medical issues we face are lifestyle induced. If healthier eating habits and a more active lifestyle were adopted, the money and other resources we could have for the health care system would be immense.