On the Issues


Where I Stand

Technology is not only an economic issue, but a privacy issue as well. I believe that technology should be used in any way it makes sense to make life easier, but we must constantly be aware and stay on top of privacy issues.

More and more information can be gathered in an open source manner. While our enemies are using Facebook and Twitter to organize mobs in the street, that information is available in an open source to anyone who wants to look at and analyze it. In light of this and WikiLeaks, I’m not sure privacy can be upheld in our society today.

That said, government regulation of the Internet is something done by regimes as evidenced by the actions of Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, China and Iran. Yet our Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to forcibly insert itself into our currently government-free Internet. Do we want to be like the government of these regimes? I think not.