LISTEN: Michael Savage Talks About New Book, “Abuse of Power”

Sep 16, 2011
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Michael Savage Novel ‘Abuse of Power’ Reflects News of Today

Henry J. Reske and Ashley Martella –

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the best candidate in the Republican presidential field not only because of his conservative principles but also because he can win in 2012, author and radio talk show host Michael Savage tells Newsmax.TV.

When asked who his choice is among the Republican candidates for president, the controversial talk show host said, “Only Perry.”

“The reason is I’ll get 60 to 70 percent of my conservative principles from Perry, I’ll get 30 to 40 percent out of [Mitt] Romney and I’ll get less than that out of the others,” he said. “That does not mean that [Herman] Cain isn’t a great guy — he is, he’s not electable, can’t win. Ron Paul is a terrific guy, great ideas, can’t win. So, therefore I go with who can win. Who can win? It’s Perry, Perry, Perry.”

Savage, whose first work of fiction, “Abuse of Power,” came out today. He also has written four best-selling nonfiction political books, and he anchored his first foray into fiction writing on his own experiences.

“It’s based upon my being banned in Britain,” he explained during the exclusive Newsmax interview. “I’m the only member of the American media not allowed to enter Britain. They put me on a list with murderers, terrorists, killers, which was astonishing. I’m still on that list, can’t get off the list no matter how hard I’ve tried. We’ve spent $400,000 legal fees, won’t work.

“So I thought if I fictionalized the story of a media figure who was smeared by a left-wing smear machine and then banned from the American media, banned from Britain and turned it into a thriller, it would become a movie and maybe people would pay attention to the abuse of power that actually goes on at the highest levels of government.”
Turning back to politics during the interview, Savage said it would be unwise to count out President Barack Obama.

“I think that the opposition is underestimating his machine,” he said. “I think his machine is very deadly. Witness what [Teamsters President James] Hoffa just said. Notice there has been an orchestrated campaign against the tea party. The tea party is the American middle class. As I’ve said on my show many times, do you know anyone on welfare in the tea party? I don’t. The tea party are taxpayers, middle-class people.

“Who declared war on them? The Congressional Black Caucus started it two weeks ago and now Jimmy Hoffa Jr. says they want war, take them out. This is taking from the highest corridors of power. It’s coming from [former Obama aide David] Axelrod in my opinion. I think they are trying to stir up insurrection in this country. They want civil discord; they want a riot or riots, because as [former White House chief of staff] Rahm Emanuel famously said, we’ve never seen a crisis that we haven’t been able to utilize. Okay. They’re not to be counted out yet, in my opinion.”

Savage also alleged that the race card has been used in the campaign for “a month and a half now.

“Every other word out of [Rep.] Maxine Waters mouth or one of the other members of the Congressional Black Caucus is that the white people are racists, the people in tea party are basically racist and Nazis. This is crazy rhetoric coming out of a party. I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “And for Jimmy Hoffa Jr. to say take them out, this is a declaration of war.”

Savage was referring to recent comments that Waters made at a town hall meeting that “the tea party can go straight to hell.”

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