LTC Bob Quinn Appears on The Martha Zoller Show

Aug 19, 2005
LTC Bob Quinn Appears on The Martha Zoller Show

A letter exchange program between the children of Baghdad and North Fulton County GA. (Atlanta area). The North Fulton schools involved will be Mimosa Elementary School, in Roswell Georgia; Summit Elementary School in Alpharetta, Georgia; and Northwestern Middle School, in Alpharetta, Georgia. Initial coordination occurred with teachers and principals of the schools for a letter writing program to begin in the new school year once it can be established with Iraqi schools.

History : In 2001 as a Major stationed in 2nd ID in Korea, I began a letter writing “Pen Pal” campaign between the children of the GaNang Elementary School in Uijonbu, Korea and Summit Hill Elementary School in Alpharetta, Georgia. The program of letter exchange occurs during the school year and is going strong. Now with a deployment into Iraq, expectation and support to stand up another PENPAL program, this time however with special needs children from the North Fulton County area. Currently, the special needs children have shown their support to US soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines by designing a collage of all things the children are thankful for, which is different and special in itself. The collage originally was to be placed into the old DEFAC on Camp Arifjan when the walls were full of support pictures from US children. However, the collage has taken on a new mission since the old DEFAC closed and now the collage with a handwritten letter of support, a US flag and picture of the children has traveled around the Middle East with a message of support to all US personnel, having unit and individual pictures taken with the collage. The collage has also had Admirals, General Officers, officers and enlisted soldiers place signatures and epitaphs on the backside, thanking the special needs children for their support. The collage has even landed on the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. This summer the collage will travel to Iraq and will hopefully be shown to the special needs children of Iraq, hopefully to encourage them to write and have a letter exchange with the special needs children of North Fulton County (Atlanta) through a Pen Pal program. For it is the children of this world that will be our future leaders and if dialogue starts now, hopefully war and conflict can be averted in the future.

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