Rep. Dana Rohrbacher: George W. Bush ‘Destroyed’ the GOP

Nov 11, 2010
Rep. Dana Rohrbacher: George W. Bush ‘Destroyed’ the GOP

A GOP congressman says former President George W. Bush is “not a class act” who “destroyed” the Republican Party.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California made the comments Wednesday on his Twitter account, in response to a tweet from a conservative law professor who complimented Bush for not criticizing his successor, Barack Obama.

Rohrabacher, who won re-election last week, tweeted back:

@MarkRMatthews Bush not class act, destroyed GOP, jailed Ramos & Compean, left us bailouts, gave more power to fed gov & China.

Rohrbacher alluded to Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who had been convicted of shooting a Mexican drug dealer. Conservatives rallied behind the pair, calling their convictions unjustified. Bush commuted their sentences on his last day in office.

The Orange County congressman has been outspoken opponent of the government’s Wall Street bailout, instituted by the Bush administration in 2008.

The former president has avoided criticism of Obama while promoting his new memoir, “Decision Points.”

Rohrabacher’s offending tweet was first reported by The Hill.

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