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How to honor MLK, Jr. at the capitol

Feb 12, 2014

There’s talk about putting in the spot where Thomas Watson’s statue was in front of the Georgia State Capitol, a prominent statue of Martin Luther...


Senator Tim Scott Gets Attacked

Jan 5, 2013

Right out of the box, newly sworn in South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is attacked by the NAACP.  They are basically saying, he’s not “black...


No GOP Mandate to End Man Dates

Mar 10, 2011

in our country legally. Republicans believe in “limited government,” except for wire taps, data mining, wars of choice, reproductive choice,...


Newt Gingrich Announces Exploratory Phase Of Presidential Campaign, Expresses Concern ‘For The Future Of Our Country’

Mar 4, 2011

ABC News’ Michael Falcone reports “We will look at this very seriously and we will very methodically lay out the framework of what we’ll...


Mike Huckabee and Haley Barbour: A Tale of Two Souths

Mar 1, 2011

Suzi Parker, While greeting reporters last week in Washington, Mike Huckabee joked about New Hampshire and his Southern roots. Huckabee...


Pro & Con: Should Georgia Driver’s License Tests be English-only?

Feb 18, 2011

Opinions created by Phil Kent & Helen Kim Ho YES: Promote safety on our roads and incentives to assimilate in Georgia. By Phil Kent To rectify this...


WATCH HERE! Armed With a Battle Saint – Martha Speaks to Cynthia LeMay

Feb 9, 2011

A military Mom, Cynthia LeMay, has launched a project to support the troops. She has a number of loved ones serving in the military, including a son...


It’s Time to Recognize Taiwan

Feb 4, 2011

Hu will stressed the importance of a comprehensive partnership between the two nations to help ensure stability worldwide, Chinese state media reported,...


Reaction to the Tucson Tragedy From the Ground Around the World

Feb 4, 2011

Whether it was in my seat to Los Angeles and then from Los Angeles to Taipei or in conversations I overheard or struck up with people I came in contact...


WATCH HERE! Martha Interviews David Keene and Discusses CPAC

Jan 31, 2011

Video streaming by Ustream Video streaming by Ustream Rumsfeld to receive ‘Defender of the Constitution Award’ at CPAC Eric W. Dolan Former US Secretary...


Religious Right Meets Religious Left: Two Evangelical Christians Urge Civility

Jan 26, 2011

David Gibson, Two icons of the Christian right and Christian left, Chuck Colson and Jim Wallis, have penned a joint statement that calls...


‘No Labels’ Wants to Deliver on Public’s Cry for Change, but Will It Work?

Dec 14, 2010 NEW YORK – At the rollout for No Labels at Columbia University on Monday, one of the group’s founders called the event “our...