January 20th, 2017

A Long, Long Night

I still haven’t done it.  I haven’t laid out my assignments and figured out a schedule to get everything done. I have got to do it this weekend.

Tomorrow I’m attending a sort of election analysis policy conference and it should be fun.  They planned it when they all thought we’d have Hillary as president but decided not to cancel.  I’m glad they are not. I’ll be on campus for the inauguration and I’m glad about that. I’m just corny enough that I love the process. I don’t always get the president I want, but the process of the peaceful transition of power is worth watching. It’s important to understand the system.

Last night, I led the discussion with a colleague on our first round of judicial politics reading. It was fun. But the first piece took an hour and because of my controlling stay on schedule mentality, I was stressed out the rest of the class.  But we finished on time and all was well.

Note: if you ever need someone to moderate a panel and keep it on time, I’m your girl.

Tonight, I’m organizing my U. S. president’s reading and decided not to write my first paper this week.  I’ll wait for one more class with Carson to see when I’ll write my papers.

Hang in there and I’ll get it scheduled.