June 23rd, 2017

A Political Summer

I just said a few things I shouldn’t have because I lost an entire post.  But I’m better now.

It’s summer and I spent a couple of hours on campus yesterday meeting with political friends, set up a meeting with the political science librarian to learn how to use the latest and greatest and a grad advisor. It was a good day.

In my political life, we are still dealing with a lot of misinformation about what’s going on in congress.  There was misquote that was printed on a fringe news site that’s now been reprinted in a number of other sites and so people think it’s true.  Of course, if you see something 10 times, it must be true.  In actuality, it’s one bad story that’s been reposted numerous times. People ask, why is congress moving so fast.  I would say it’s because the media won’t give anyone 48 hours to think about something and decide what they think or the best course of action.  It’s really crazy out there.

I’ll post more on my thoughts on the Georgia 6th election, women in politics and the ideologies that we need to lift up this weekend. But the important point is Georgia has elected a Republican woman to Congress.  I’m happy when women get elected in general, but I am a conservative Republican, so I like it even more when it’s someone who thinks the way I do. I’ll admit my bias, will you?

There’s lots to come and I can’t wait for school to start.  I have a backpack now, too.