October 17th, 2017

All the Leaves are Brown….

Well my Bulldogs at #3 in the country and undefeated, but I am feeling like “all the leaves are brown…” I’ve spent the afternoon trying to do math homework, but the truth still remains, I missed a couple of classes at the beginning of the semester due to work and I haven’t been able to catch up. I’m going through the motions, but I haven’t had the moment of understanding.

This week I have to decide if I’ll withdraw from my math class or fight it out til the end. I also have to decide if I’m taking a break in my grad school process. I have some opportunities next year that I don’t want to miss out on and I’m not sure if school will fit into it.

Ironically, I was talking to someone related to work today and she had a similar story.  She is in her 50s and was about a year and a half into her graduate program and had to take a year and half off. Then, she went back and finished and now she’s working at a very large university. I found myself telling her about my problem and asking her advice. It was very helpful. There are no coincidences.  I believe God puts people in your path at certain times to help you make decisions.  I think this was one of those times. Ultimately, I have to decide and I have to live with the decision, but I’m a successful person.  I won’t be more or less successful based on my school timing.

I started this blog on Sunday night and after a day of meetings, conference calls, driving and more math work, I’m finishing it. After I post this, I need to do a little legislative process work. I do have another class this semester.

From a money, time, process standpoint, it would be best to stay in the class and take my chances.  The risk if I withdraw is a loss of money and having to retake the test but my GPA remains intact. The risk if I stay in is I fail the class, I lose the money and my GPA takes a hit. The reward of staying in is I pass the class, my GPA is not hurt and I can step out and then back into the program in a logical place if needed.  What would you do?  Email me at martha@marthazoller.com or leave a comment here.