May 24th, 2017

Catching up

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted.  Frankly, I’m catching up with my life and then going to focus on the next year of grad school.  I got an A- and a B+ for my second semester, overall and simplified–3 B’s and an A.  Not stellar, but a good year all in all.  This year the test was juggling my work and school responsibilities.  Next year, it will be Methods. In lay terms, it’s the Math.

Over the summer, I’m meeting with Elizabeth White, the Political Science librarian, to learn the online programs to store sources and to write papers.  I think I did it the hard way this year and with the use of End Note or something like that, as I read for a paper or make notes, it will capture the notes and the citation and when it comes time to write the paper, the sourcing, citing and organizing process will be much easier.

I’ll be picking up my U. S. President’s paper in June and then I’ve got a digital “mark up” of my Judicial Politics papers, so I’ve got what I need to move forward with constructive suggestions on what to do better.

But last weekend, it was family and I am happy to have them around me.

Next semester, it’s Methods and Legislative Process and I can’t wait.