February 17th, 2017

Consistent Constructive Criticism, Hooray!

I’m making the rounds getting feedback on my papers and have one more stop to make next week.  But so far, it’s all good.  I’m getting good solid B to B+ grades on my writing and the comments are the same.  I write too conversationally and too much like a —-  Journalist!  But that’s okay.  It would be much worse, if every professor made different comments about my writing, that would be difficult to fix.

A few weeks into the semester, here’s where I am.  I’ve got two more small papers and a research paper to do in Carson’s class–I love just calling it Carson’s class because it reminds me of Downton Abbey–and I think this is what they mean by too conversational.

And I have a review of a manuscript review and a research paper to do in Boyd’s Judicial Politics class. And all the reading there is to do to keep up. But…

This weekend won’t be the weekend I do all of this.  I’ve laid it out with dates and plans, but this weekend, the grandkids are coming and I’m going to be Oma all weekend.  Maybe not all weekend. They’ll head out mid afternoon on Sunday and then I’m heading to Tifton for work.  Then it will be a mad dash to get to Athens on time for class.

The life of a stress magnet grad student and senate staffer.