October 22nd, 2016

Fabulous Friday and a Great Weekend

Disappointed the Dawgs won’t be playing this weekend, but I think after last week, we probably needed the week off. I had planned to be on the Georgia Coast this weekend but I had a trainwreck in my work/life balance world and plans changed. It happens.  There comes a time in every busy person’s schedule when you see that train coming and you have to jump out of the way so you can live to fight another day.  Are there enough metaphors for you?

What’s on tap in this staffer/student’s life this weekend?  Earlier today, I downloaded all the readings for this week.  I have 7 articles for Monday, and they all look interesting. In addition, I have 8 chapters and an article for Wednesday. I’ll do Monday’s readings on Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday’s readings on Monday and Tuesday–whew!

I’m also going to a movie with our GRSP student from Denmark, making my first cheesecake, doing laundry, grocery shopping and putting the top back on the pool.

I’ll keep you posted.