April 7th, 2018

Fires, Floods and Pestilence

Not actual fires, floods and pestilence, but it feels like it.  I know I’ve told many of you I’m a stress magnet, but even for me, the last few weeks have been unbelievable. There are things I can tell you and things I will never be able to tell you but it goes like this.

I was let down by someone I trusted–really a few people I trusted, or tried to trust and while I’ll never lose faith in people and their ability to be better and try harder to be the best person they can be, I was hurt by someone I was good to for no reason.  I’m an optimist, but this kind of let down, feeling of betrayal is a b#$%^ to say the least.  I had a few dark days but I have so many people that depend on my, I had to push through it. And honestly, in the scheme of things, this will come right but it will take time. That was the fires!

On the floods, I’ve been overwhelmed with work and school in a good way. I’m up to my eyeballs in alligators, and not just the alligators I saw near Pelham, Ga a  couple of weeks ago. I’m accomplishing big things at work and in school, I’m making it. I found a great tutor and my professor is working closely with me.  My big fear is the exam.  Every math related exam I’ve taken since 1975 has been a big fail.  I’ll have the grades going into it and I freeze.  I can’t let this happen this time.

And finally pestilence–my 2 year old grandson has gotten afraid of bugs.  So in our country yard, everything from ants to butterflies is a problem. We are working on it.

Hope you have a great rest of the Masters weekend and I know I will.