August 17th, 2017

First Day of Class! I Hope I Get It!

We call it Methods in the Social Sciences, but it’s Math.  The course I’m taking is basically all the math you should have had since high school.  I took Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry and maybe, pre-Calc in High School, but I only had to take Math 105 in college which was word problems.  Did I mention that was Spring 1976? I was an okay math student and as I discussed last year, I studied a lot to take the math part of the GRE. Dr. Monaghan seems like a terrific teacher and he’s not worried so why should I be.

I have to miss next week because I’m staffing my boss so we’ve worked out a plan.  Since it would be unlucky (my word) to meet with him during his post eclipse office hours on Monday to talk about next week’s class and since my first real homework is not due until the 30th, we are going to get together on Monday the 28th and see how I’m doing.  I did a lot of nodding and some participating in class today but I think I “got” about 50%.

Reminds me of “A Chorus Line” —

One of the best parts was a younger professor and a grad student gave us some sage advice about grad school.  The best lines will be in my Twitter feed in a few minutes. I have one question…how do I get those Math symbols in my papers? Monaghan showed me and I was nodding, but not getting all of it.  That’s what YouTube tutorials are for or maybe Penn State? I’m sure there’s a way to download so you can just click on them and viola! Here’s hoping.

But all in all, much better than I thought the first class would be.

I think I got it!  On to Legislative process tomorrow.