July 30th, 2017

Getting Ready

I’ve taken most of the summer off from grad school endeavors.  However, as we’ve established, my life is a political science conference.  Are we ever off?  And a few things have happened… 🙂

Right now, I have a few minutes of break from caring for my 16 month old grandson.  My husband has him in the pool and he’s cranking out his favorite rock and roll classics.  On the TV in the living room is the world swimming finals and UGA swimmers are doing great.  It’s a good afternoon—but, it’s time to have a plan to get back to school. I’m waiting to hear about my financial aid for this year and also whether I’ve been accepted into the “fast track PhD” program. I’ve always been on a PhD track technically, but officially, since I’ve been out of school for so long, I’m listed as a masters student.  I know what classes I’m taking but already have about three classes I will miss due to work commitments.  I’m worried about that, but I will make the schedule work.

Fun fact. I just discovered that in late 2016, a summary of my book, “Indivisible: Uniting Values in a Divided America,” was published and is available on Amazon, so I bought it.  It’s a nice little ditty that does do a good job of summarizing my book.  The book was published in 2006, so it was nice to find. The book is still available, but it’s nice to see it hasn’t been forgotten.

There will be more books from me…hang in there.

On the political side, I’m helping my friend Brian Kemp get elected governor, behind the scenes and also, managing the state policy side and field staff for Sen. Perdue. I’m fulfilled on all levels right now, with emphasis on the “full” part.

On the personal side, Lin and I went to Scotland this summer and took a side trip to visit my 97 year old aunt in London. Her home was a political science experiment. She’s renting a couple of rooms to international students and throughout the day and through dinner time was a group of Americans, Brits, Venezuelans, Brazilians, Poles and Armenians.  It was a wonderful exchange of ideas.  If we can do it, why can’t the U. S. Congress? But I digress.

Here’s the plan, I deliver my grandson back to his parents tomorrow morning before work–their plane is delayed–get through the workday and beginning tomorrow night, the nights are Rotary GRSP and 2nd year grad school work. Back to the grind.

Hope you all had a wonderful summer, I did.

PS: Here’s a thought on all the congressional stuff. They can work together. Gov. John Kasich of Ohio was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and he is right. The defeat of the healthcare bill in the Senate is not the end.  And in defense of Sen. McCain–my dad was a POW and I’m always going to defend John McCain–there are many things I disagree with him on but if the economic collapse had not come and McCain had been elected president, he would have done the right thing on taxes, healthcare and national security. Those are big agreement areas, I could have handled the rest.  But you can’t change the past and passing something just to say you’ve done it is a leadership trick, not the way to get legislation done.