January 14th, 2017

Hey Girl…

I’m getting into a different world with my research in grad school. Looking at electoral success of women on the Republican side, will get a few eyebrows raised. But it’s important because women have been put in a box for too long.  We don’t all think alike, but we can all help each other.

Many years ago, I interviewed and had a little back and forth with Gail Evans. She’s an amazing author and also the first female VP at CNN back in the day.  She and I probably disagreed on everything political, but she wrote a life altering book (for me) called “She Wins, You Win.”  It’s about how women don’t lift each other up and how to change it.

A few months ago, Lady Gaga released a very different album called “Joanne” and the song “Hey Girl” was on it. It’s a song that every woman should listen to.  I don’t know Lady Gaga’s politics, I don’t care.  I think she’s a great talent and good to have on in the background when I’m studying.

This semester, I’ve got a powerhouse woman teaching Judicial Politics and a new colleague who is very happy to have another woman to work with in the program. We are not competition, we are colleagues.

I’m feeling I need to stress this today cause I got undercut by a woman in an unfair way who I was trying to connect with.  But as my mom (another powerhouse woman) said, “I have broad shoulders.”

The best part about today is I spent quality time with strong women in my life and got the next 10 days of grad school work organized.

I worry that my time spent on grad school is taking away from other important things.  Contrary to popular belief, I can’t do everything and I can’t make everyone happy.

On the day of my wedding in 1990, my husband promised to make me happy.  I smiled and said, “You can’t make me happy if I’m not happy with myself.” I will tell you we are in a great place in our marriage. Happier than we’ve ever been.  He beat cancer last year and this year is the best ever!

So, hey girl! Let’s focus on the positive in our lives.  We are living and learning on the upside of life and it doesn’t get much better than that.