August 24th, 2016

Hit and Run, Literally

A funny title, but I’ll get to that in a minute. I got to class, Research Methods with Dr. Singh, a half hour early. It’s in the Psych building on UGA’s campus. Not the prettiest building and certainly has the feel of a public high school inside—from the 60s. Cinder block walls and really bad and unattractive paint colors. In fairness, the only way to bring this building around to the beautiful early buildings on campus and the resurgence during the Adams years, is to flatten it and start over.

There were several folks waiting in the hall so we talked about material. I told some stories of UGA in the 70s and felt I was a part of the subject matter, too. There are types, or groups in the class. The undergrad high achievers, they are doing grad work in their second year of college. The right out of undergrad grad students, a couple who have Master’s already, one guy from the military working on his 7th degree and me—the now 57 year old grandmother who’s been out of college for almost 37 years. But we are finding a way to work together.

I liked the material for this week. KKV, KW and Putnam. I had a number of questions I didn’t get to and I’m not sure what the protocol is for office time or if I’m even looking at these things the right way. Dr. Singh told us about a study of social scientists leaving wallets round NYC and seeing if people would mail them back. Mostly, people sent them back until the death of RFK in June of 1968. What was strange is I remember that event. I’m the only one in the class, including the professor, who remembered that day—vividly. It was that day, that I decided to do something with my life to help my country. It’s corny, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

After class, several of us talked and got to know each other better.

Feeling good on my way out of the parking deck, my bumper got scuffed by some kid in an SUV trying to get around me. Then after hitting me, he drove off without even looking back. My car is 3 weeks old, but thankfully, no one hurt and no real damage. I couldn’t get a tag number, but I can tell you, his mama would be ashamed at his behavior.