August 12th, 2016

I Got In!

In late January, I was at a UGA event and Dean Lindquist was there. She came over and said, the letters just went out and you got in! I wasn’t accepted directly into the PhD program, but into a fast track program that will get the course work for your Masters and then go into the PhD. I was happy. I really couldn’t believe it.

Then I got the invite for the orientation, for lack of a better word. The first thought I had is I need to get the day off from work. The second thought was whether I would be the oldest student in the group. I arrived at the Russell Library on campus and to my surprise, immediately saw a guy who I thought was older than I was. Check!

I learned there are lots of resources for students and there is a person at the library who just works with grad students in political science. I think she will be my new best friend.

Next stop, signing up for classes and deciding what to take.