December 6th, 2019

I See the Light

Just got my grade back on my last Math homework problem set and it was a perfect score and it was done as a team and that makes it even better. I know that makes me sound like a collectivist, but there is power in numbers. Thank you, Katie and We for being the best partners a much older girl could have!

This week was an eventful week! I had knee replacement surgery and it went well. Eighty-plus days to go to the next one! And a woman was appointed to fill the seat of Sen. Johnny Isakson. Her name is Kelly Loeffler and she is going to be a great U. S. Senator.

Today, I’m working on my paper for Dr. Vining’s class and then it’s prep for the two exams I have to take. Both are open book (which is misleading because you think that’s easier, but it’s not). I have to have everything done by the 10th and 12th, but we’ve got company coming on the 8th and I’m really trying finish all but the exams by then. And squeezing in a SEC Championship game…Go Dawgs!

I see the light at the end of this tunnel. I have three classes left to finish my Master’s Degree and once I get through all my surgeries and rehab, I will feel like myself again. Nothing is going to keep me down.

This year will be an amazing political year. It’s important to maintain civility–it is not the end of the world if you lose. Also, learn from lots of people, even those you don’t agree with. It’s time to reset and you are the ones to do it.