October 20th, 2016

It’s a Brand New Day

I’m mostly a positive and upbeat person.  Ready to take on the day. But also, I’m as hard on myself as anyone could be.  Anyone who has worked with me knows I am the best at beating myself up. I call it the “little fat girl” in my head.  She keeps telling me I’m not smart enough, that people will find out I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’m told many women in this first generation of “having it all” feel that way.

I have a theory for every good quality there’s a dark side and vice versa. I’m a very outgoing and confident woman. No one would believe I ever have doubts in my ability.  But the fact is, it’s those doubts that drive me to do better.  So it’s the flip side of the same coin. Most of the time, I’m upbeat and positive, but there are moments…

They don’t stay around long.

So, I’m still uncertain about how I did on my Research Methods midterm but I’ll survive.  This is a marathon not a sprint and I’m in this for the long haul.

I always allow myself a 24 hour pity party.  When I lost the 9th District Congressional Runoff in 2012, I went 48 hours. But today I’m better. I’ve organized my reading for my Monday class (life goes on, right?) and I’ll move on from there to the reading in my Wednesday class.

Luckily, I’m speaking at the Madison County GOP with a Washington update from my boss and my main professor, Dr. Charles Bullock will be there also. This will give me a chance to set up some time with him to talk about my research design and literature review and get some feedback from him.

Always have a game plan for the wins and the losses.