August 23rd, 2016

It’s My Birthday–And I’m Studying

It’s my birthday and I studied tonight. Don’t’ cry for me, I had a great day and a kind of week long celebration with my extended family leading up to it. My 24 year old daughter led the charge to get my sons and their wives to help with a birthday celebration. They all thought I need a new bigger kitchen after cooking for 15 people in it.  I’ve done that dozens of times and I know I need a new kitchen.  But Lin is restoring his beloved DeTomaso Mangusta and I’m in school.  Kitchen renovation will come next year.

I’m getting into the public opinion part of the reading and thinking I’ve actually lived through and been a part of many of the events they are talking about in my reading.

Does that make a difference? I think it does make a difference to have lived it, but the research part is new and very exciting. The big questions is am I a descriptive researcher or an experimental one.  Not exactly the right language but will I observe and draw conclusions or do experiments?  I’m not sure yet.