September 24th, 2019

It’s Still Difficult

If you remember the Monaghan fiasco of 2017. And, I love Jamie Monaghan. He’s a great teacher. I had a “C” going into the final and due to a number of things that happened at work (all good, by the way), I blew the final, royally. That set into motion this ongoing issue of getting my grades back up to where they need to be and finding the right course to replace it.

I was “okayed” to go on to the next class in methods and with the help of an amazing tutor, I made a B+ in the class. But the challenge of replacing the course of the Monaghan fiasco still remained. Insert in there a year of campaigning and working to stand up a department in a new Governor’s office–and I’ve had a hellacious time! But I love it! Am I a glutton for pain?

So I have replaced it with a Stats class that has “R” coding in it. And I’m doing okay. I don’t have faith in what I’m doing. I feel uncertain at times, but my grades are much better at this point than during the Monaghan fiasco. I’m terrified of the midterm, but I will do all I can to be prepared.

So folks, even someone accomplished can have uncertainties and we will power through. Today, I know I will do alright. I’ve gotten a study group, gotten some outside tutoring and having regular meetings with the professor. I’m reading the material and I bought “R for Dummies.”

I’m in DC this week and will be missing class. There will be some secrets to tell and some news to make after this trip.