February 25th, 2018

Leading up to Midterms! Yikes!

I’m not sure if God is trying to tell me something or if my regular busyness is catching up to me. Last week, we got a call that our daughter in law (who is over 8 months pregnant) was in the hospital with the flu. Our son and one of their toddlers had it also and they needed help. I immediately called my boss and told him, I might be going to Kentucky to help.

I’ve used the term “drowning” a lot lately to refer to being in over your head.  He’s drowning, I’m drowning…you get the picture.

As a politico, “midterms” has a completely different meaning than as a grad student.  This week, it had both meanings to me.

I had midterm review on Tuesday evening for the second round of torture math classes for my degree. I have to tell you, I was torn. I really couldn’t drop everything and go up there, but I felt like I should.  I found a compromise.  I worked through class time on Tuesday and then left after the midterm review arriving in Lexington a little after midnight so that I could get a few hours sleep and then be there when the boys got up.  The plan was to have my son sleep in the garage apartment so they wouldn’t be disturbed and Oma and Aunt Susu would help in the house with the boys.  Once Virginia got home from the hospital, she slept up there, too.  The plan was if they could get 48 to 72 hours of real rest, we could beat this thing. The downside of that is there was no time to do midterm review until I returned to Georgia on Sunday.

Maybe it will work!

I’m taking a little time today to get caught up on my wifely duties and then I’ll settle down to review for my midterm. Tomorrow, I hope to see my tutor also.  Remind me to tell you her story one day.  She’s amazing!