December 1st, 2016

Let it Rain…

In my day job, I have to be in Atlanta a few days a week.  I’m also in the final year of my time on the University of Georgia Alumni Association board.  In that capacity, I’m chairing the Bulldog 100 Dinner being held in Atlanta in early February–which will be here before you know it.

On Wednesday, we had the “tasting” for the menu.  That’s what I call a fancy lunch. As we are leaving the tasting, our phones go off with the prompt there is a Tornado Warning until 2:15.  It’s a strange thing in 2016, anyone with a smartphone will get these warnings at the same time.  Everyone, and I mean everyone was looking at their phones.

It was about 1:30.  I had to drive to Athens for my research methods class and do my presentation.  I was going to be late, but it’s a three hour class, so I should make it.

Do I drive or do I wait?

I decided by the time I got my car and got on the road, it would be pretty close to the end of the time frame for the warning, so I went. Not the best idea, I’ve ever had. My husband was calling me giving me map updates and it seems I was ahead of the storm from the time I left until I got to Athens. Most of my walk was covered, so I ducked into the bookstore to buy a poncho.  At that moment the heavens opened up.

By the time I got to class, the top half of me and my book bag and purse were dry (the protection of the purse is paramount) from the poncho, but the wind and rain had drenched my pants and shoes.  I was wet, but I got there safely.

The presentation went well.  I couldn’t get the powerpoint pulled up. I’m sure I put the wrong password in.  That was embarrassing.  So I went on without it.  I’m a good enough public speaker, and I hate powerpoints anyway–a crutch, I think. So I think it went well.  I got good feedback and really think the presentation was engaging.

Check that box, write my literature review by Monday, pick up my exam, find 24 hours to take it, finish my research design paper and then wait for my grades…And then I am done with my first semester in grad school.

Next semester…U. S. Presidency and Judicial Politics.