October 16th, 2016

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

It started out as a normal weekend.  Saturday was lovely, just as I had planned.  Some meetings in the morning and then off to the UGA-Vandy Game.  While the people around us were wonderful, we didn’t win.  As one person said, “The smart boys beat the dumbbells.”  Not a fair comparison, but it was out there.

Then Caroline, my GRSP student, and I met up with other GRSP students from Sweden, Brazil and Wales.  Caroline is from Denmark. I treated them to dinner at The Grit. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Athens and while the food was good and the server was very helpful, the management was a bit difficult, but that’s a story for another day. I’m a customer service person and there were a whole lot of “NO” coming from the manager on duty.  Alas.

We got home and fired up our laptops and turned on the TV.  Isn’t that the way we do it now?  I had Hallmark channel on the big TV and then Caroline and I were multitasking on our devices. Then the dreaded file with a question mark showed up on the screen of her Macbook pro. That changed everything.

First, I asked my semi-resident expert, my oldest son, and he said, “Nothing I can do.” Then after church on Sunday we tried to call the Mall of Georgia Apple Store to see if they had any appointments today. I know, you are supposed to go online to do that, but I needed to talk to someone…really.

But they fool you.  They are nice enough in taking your call but before you know it, you’ve spent 2 hours with Apple Support and they told us we needed to go to the Mall of Georgia Apple Store but he couldn’t give us an appointment and when we got there, it was a sea of people.  It’s a Sunday…There goes my studying.

We didn’t wait and came home and then found Suzanne’s old laptop to loan out til we can get a real appointment at the Mall of Georgia Apple Store on Thursday.

So now, I’m off to catch up on work emails and study for my Monday class.