March 22nd, 2017

Managing the Piles of Stuff

When I was a buyer at Rich’s–BC (before computers).  It wasn’t totally before.  We had a fax machine on the 5th floor in the other building and a big, honkin’, green screen computer on each of our desks.  It was basically a giant calculator with no connection to the interwebs. In those days,  my attempts to organize consisted of piles on my desk of papers, reports–you get the idea.  When I got really overwhelmed, I would just start rearranging the piles. But that was a sign of a need to reset and start getting things done, even if they were just little things.

That’s they way I feel right now.  I have my list of things to do but I’m not getting anywhere.  At least, I thought I wasn’t.  So I sat down last night and got rid of some of the “piles.” Amazingly, I found a pattern of what I had left to do this semester and how I would get it done.  It means maximizing my weekends and evenings, but I see the path.  It will be tough and I think I’ll be working til the last possible minute, but I will get it done.