March 14th, 2017

On My Own

Tonight, I am back in the groove after Spring Break. We studied unilateral moves the president makes. Things like Executive Orders and many other tools.  It’s the many other tools I’m worried about. And the fact that William Howell–one of the leaders in this field–commented there are many other unilateral tools the president has at his disposal.

We talked about the president “on his own.”

It was great to see everyone.

And, I got an “A” on one of my critique papers.  Actually, an A-/B+, but the A was in there and I’ll take it. “Much improved,” my professor said.  Whew!  It’s funny how that small encouragement got me to check my list of things to do the rest of the semester and found I have checked off several things.  I have two small papers, critiques, to write and then two research papers.  And upon completion and presentation of my work, I will have completed my first year of grad school.

There’s still a few weeks and a great deal of work to do, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.