October 2nd, 2017

Perspective in the World

I use this blog as a diversion from my real life.  I was a writer for many years and then I took a job with the government where I am proud to advocate for the positions of a man I admire.  But I was missing the writing itch. When I started grad school, I went to the powers that be and asked if I could write about being in grad school and they said yes.  Since then, I hope I’ve resonated, been entertaining and sometimes, funny.

But today, I’m more serious.  I like to present the problems I have in grad school as being real problems.  But they’re not.  Most of the people in America, even those who are oppressed by American standards, really don’t have it as bad as they think they do. I’m not denying there isn’t wrong to the righted in America, but the problems we have–most of us have–aren’t that bad.

Real suffering is being shot at in a public place while you are watching a concert.  Real problems are the split second decisions you make to save your spouse and sacrifice yourself. Real discrimination is when you have to decide what bodies you’ll take to the emergency room, which ones are dead and which ones you will come back to and recover from the crime scene. Real pain is getting a call–or not getting a call at all–and realizing your loved one is one of the dead from this senseless act last night in Las Vegas.

My deadlines, writing, reading and learning are important but in the grand scheme of the last 24 hours–not life altering.

God Bless the victims around the world, especially in Las Vegas, Edmonton, San Juan, Houston, Key West and all the areas in the Americas that have suffered in the last weeks. God Bless our leaders and let them make discerning and appropriate decisions and let them be shown the respect they deserve. Let them be able to treat people as they want to be treated and not be shrill and heartless. God Bless the Americas and all the world’s people who suffer. God’s Grace will protect you and give you peace if you take a moment and listen for the small answers to the prayers you have made.

I’ll get back to work in a few minutes.  I’ll wonder how I can get it all done.  I’ll make decisions that will impact my graduation date and I’ll try to get a good night’s sleep.