January 3rd, 2017

Ready for the Reading

In the class I’m taking this semester on the U. S. Presidency, I’m reading all week in preparation.  The amount of reading is massive. The first book is “Thinking About the Presidency…” by William Howell. So far it’s a very readable book with lots of stories about presidents and how they use power.  Since American presidents are a “small N” group, only 44–about to be 45, it’s difficult to generalize.   However, you can tell the story of how president’s use power.

About the third line in of the preface to the paperback edition, Dr. Howell throws in the climate change agenda.  I’m open-minded about the science, but I believe that government has to get the fundamentals right first before you can do anything else.  What I mean by fundamentals is the taking in and spending of money on a budget with the goal of not wasting it.  Once you can do that with good measure, then we can move on.

But I digress–I’m thinking this is going to be a very challenging class on many levels.  I’m ready. After Dr. Howell’s book, there will be 9 scholarly articles to read and discuss.

I’m praying, I can get through it, grasp it and talk about it by Monday the 9th. Here’s hoping.