February 11th, 2018

Roller Coaster…Of Love

Last week was a very interesting week.  You might call it a Roller Coaster….of Love, Say What! I started the week with a tutor in my class and I must say she was a great teacher.  She went through things step by step and I think I understood it.  So I went into class feeling pretty great.  We got our homework back and I will have the opportunity to redo a problem which will help my grade.  Then, I turned in my more confident homework and we shall see how that goes.  Then came class.  It was a bit of a Roller Coaster!


But I will survive and this is going to be a good semester.  After a little bit of a break over the summer, I will take some classes without math that I will write and think and learn about my passion of political science.

If I made you a list of all the things on my list, you would not believe it. I am a stress magnet. More to come….