February 3rd, 2017

Still So Tired

I think it’s a permanent state for me right now, but “at my age” it’s important not to get to rundown. So I got a great night’s sleep last night but it’s going to have to be a several night thing.  I think I’m fighting off a cold–runny nose, chills, aches–you know the drill.  The only cure for that is rest.  So where do I find it?

First, I know some of this is stress. The realization of the time it’s going to take to do the paper in U. S. Presidency right is a stunner.  I called one of the folks in the class who had the professor before and got some advice on how to approach it.  Then I set up a meeting with the professor after class on Monday to talk about it.

I still need to circle back around with my other professors and get feedback from my papers from last semester. (Note to self, check!)

Then, I need to review my schedule and stick to it.

I’ve got some family things this weekend.  A business trip next week at the end of the week.  I’ll miss one class, but I’ve discussed it with my professor and made arrangements for notes. If I can get through the end of next week and stay caught up–I’m golden.

Of to work and then lots of grad school work over the weekend, the Bulldog 100 and the Super Bowl. A girl’s gotta have some fun.