November 3rd, 2016

Study Time!

I had another terrific day at work. It’s a few days before the election and I’m on the official side of the equation, so I’m not involved in political activities.  However, in my world, it’s hard not to think of things in terms of politics a few days before an election.  Next week, everything might change. We will have a new president and a new administration.  We might have a change in majority in the Senate and/or the House. There will be a Lame Duck session of some sort. No one, and I mean no one, knows what any of this will mean.

The boss was in town along with most of the senior staff of our office.  I’m not sure where I fit in.  Somewhere just below senior staff, I think.  I manage people and I work with the boss on Georgia issues including communications. But the best thing about being in school  But one of the best things about being in school is being able to use some of the history and concepts I’ve learned in my job. That has really been great and after 10 weeks, give or take, in class and about as much reading as I used to do to prep for a 3 hour live radio show every day, I’m recognizing authors, concepts and things I’m studying happening IRL. It’s been a good day.

There was an opportunity to go to Athens this afternoon and hear the president of the university talk to grad students. He came out of the post graduate world, and he really likes us.  But I had to remember, and stick, to my plan. This year, my focus is on getting to class (most days), reading the material like a grad student, getting the assignments done and generally, getting acclimated to being in school and working full time (not to mention being a wife to my husband and mother and grandmother).

There are dozens of opportunities to come back to campus every semester to hear speakers, attend club meetings and some after school adult beverage gatherings. But the plan is, get acclimated this year and start working on the other stuff next year.  This is at least a 5 year project, so I’m taking it in stride.

So, I gotta go and study for my Monday class.  “See ya” next time.