August 9th, 2022

The Best of the Martha Zoller Show – August 1-5

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This week is all about the southern border crisis. My first guest on the podcast is Senator Ted Cruz. He is coming to Atlanta on August 27th for Truth and Courage PAC’s Together for Truth conference. We discuss the modern-day slavery and human rights crisis that continues to exist at the border, and why the President hasn’t done anything about it.

Continuing the conversation about the border, I sit down with Gainesville businessman Doug Hanson who recently returned from the border himself. He has taken several trips since January in order to thank the border patrol and to see the situation for himself. He shares his observations and the differences between the border in California, New Mexico and Texas. Doug describes some of the techniques the migrants use to cross the border, and even brought us a grappling hook that he found on this last trip.

To close this week, I talked with A. J. Rice about his book The Woking Dead, a light-hearted analysis on the last 5 years in our country and world. His book is full of short stories that describe issues that we deal with on a daily basis–cancel culture, certain ideologies in school curriculums, et cetera. His perspective is so insightful and I highly recommend giving this book a read!

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