March 19th, 2017

The Countdown Begins, My Fear of Failure

It’s really not a countdown, because there are more than 30 days until the research papers are due. Let’s face it, that’s what I’m worried about–the research papers.  I will keep up with the weekly assignments and get them in on time and do well on them, but I’m terrified of these papers and I know it’s unreasonable.

I have good outlines.  I’m beginning to do the research. I’m getting there.  I hate last minute stuff, but I think it may be coming down to that. I did ask for help, though–and I got it and it’s the main reason I’m as far along as I am.  I know I will be fine and the papers will be good, but I have a healthy (maybe, unhealthy) fear of failure.

Today, I’ll be working on the stuff due Monday, prep for the rest of the week and the future work.  I don’t have class on Wednesday night, so that will be a chunk of time I can use to get a foothold on this work.

I’m going to get a little exercise today and sunshine, too. It’s all about balance.