October 18th, 2016

The Countdown to Midterms

Spent Monday evening on campus and then studied with the youngest student in my classes after that.  The young woman is a second year student at UGA, so an undergrad, a sophomore in the lingo of yesterday.  She’s already taking graduate level classes. She’s very smart and organized which is great for me.

We spent some time theorizing on what the essay questions would be in the Research Methods midterm.  We both felt competent in our multiple choice array, but I was worried about the essay questions.  After all the accomplishments in my life, I wanted this young woman to think I contributing something to my classes.

We even talked a little politics of the day.

But it’s about people.  Sure, I’m going back to school for learning and to get the academic credentials on top of my work experience to teach. However, I love people. Last week, I went to Abit Massey Day in Gainesville. Abit is north of 85 years old and is still and daily force in the universe of agriculture, poultry, Rotary and UGA as well as a husband, father and grandfather.  He remembers you and a lot of things about you. But Abit is “young at heart” because he still gets out there every day and contributes. I like that. More importantly, he loves people.  If he couldn’t get out there every day, he wouldn’t be Abit Massey.

Madison and I studied and we talked and I found out her dad knew who I was from my radio program and thought it was pretty cool we were studying together.  I thought it was pretty cool, too.

Today, I had a long day at work and I’m spending the evening studying for the midterm and writing the one pager for my research methods project.

Women and elections–either the candidates or the voting patterns, I’m not sure which one.  Will keep you posted.