August 20th, 2017

The First Cut Is the Deepest

I’m using my Sunday night for many things.  Let’s back up.  I spent part of the weekend with my Rotarian colleagues in Bainbridge, Georgia at the GRSP Conclave. I have an scholarship student from Scotland and I’m also a volunteer trustee for the program which gives me responsibility for another student from Denmark. My husband had an emergency at home so I left the conclave early, picked up the student from Scotland from the airport and then headed home last night.

Today, I spent the day settling the emergency (more about that in a later post) and getting Erin settled. Then I sat down to look at my assignments for this week.  While I could and should work on my assignments for school every day, the realistic solution for my juggling of responsibilities is scheduling and being realistic–there’s that word again–about what I can actually accomplish.  I’m taking math (methods) and legislative process and they require very different things.  I can read and take notes on legislative process anywhere and I can use my iPad.  I really need to be stationary and focused with paper, pencils and a substantial laptop to do the math. So that is sitting at my dining room table and concentrating. Also, if I know I won’t have time to do grad school work, I don’t take the stuff with me–simple at that. I planned to work on grad school work tonight until Game of Thrones comes on and then I’ll go to bed.

So why “the first cut?” I’m installing programs to my computer I don’t understand and I’m still not reading these assigned papers the way I should.

Enough said.