January 13th, 2017

The real night class…

I had to use this picture because it was my first day of class last semester…

Most of my classes til now have been evening classes.  Judicial Politics is a real night class.  It runs from 6:50 pm to 9:50 pm on Wednesday nights.  The professor, Christy Boyd, offered a change but there’s a reason that people sign up for these classes–other than they are required–and it’s because it works with their schedule.  My colleagues are working people with lives.  Not that traditional student don’t have lives, but most of my colleagues are married or in law school or raising kids.  They have made real life decisions they are living with.

I think I’m going to really like this class.  It’s a very different format and more interactive.  I did have to tell the professor that she might see me standing up for no reason in class. I just can’t sit for three hours without my hip hurting.  One of the trade offs for age I have to make.

I got to Athens on Wednesday for a quarterly Vet to Vet meeting at the VA Clinic just over the border in Madison County.  I then met with a couple of constituents. I had to get my picture taken for the scholarship I’m getting.  I hope the folks who gave the money aren’t disappointed that I’m just 8 years away from Medicare.  I promise I will finish before then.

I also took the opportunity to wander the halls of Candler on my lunch break to meet some of the professors.  I am really good at introducing myself to people.  My father taught me that skill.

So, week one is in the books and I’m ready for the work this semester.  The plan for next week is to put together a calendar of what’s due and when and come up with a plan to complete everything.

And I can’t wait for my next evening class.