February 13th, 2023

UFOs Everywhere

Unidentified Flying Object is just what it says—they don’t know what it is. But over the last days, everyone including the Defense Department have used this phrase and reporters have been heatedly following the president’s every move trying to ask him about it. The operative word is “trying.”


We need a little leadership right now. The president should come out and tell us what we know and squelch the idea that this is some “E. T., Phone Home,” moment. You really think that aliens who travelled the universe to get here would be floating balloons? I don’t.


What I suspect is that the Chinese or the Russians are yanking our chain to see what we will do. And they have help from the North Koreans and Iranians. I have talked often about this cycle we are in that is similar to the 1970s and 1930s in some ways and like the “yellow journalism” phase of the early 1900s. Unfortunately, World Wars are what got us out of those cycles because they woke us up to what was important, survival.


It is my belief today; leadership is what we need right now. When Justin Trudeau looks stronger than the American president, we have a problem. Let’s get all the 75+ year olds out of elected office and retire them to consultation roles. We need new and bold leadership and if American doesn’t lead, then something evil fills the void. We can’t afford that.