February 4th, 2024

What is the Long Shot Path for Nikki Haley?

I am supporting Nikki Haley. I believe she is the right person to lead this country and to beat Joe Biden. It is time to pass the torch to a new generation that will have to live with the decisions that are made by elected officials.

Last week, Bret Baier from Fox News laid out the long shot path for Nikki Haley. It’s probably a 2% chance, but there is a chance. Look at recent history in the Democratic party and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. They all came from behind and won their party’s nomination.

The challenge will be that this primary calendar has been designed for the coronation of former President Donald Trump. But I will never believe that two octogenarians are the best we have to offer the American people. Think about this path and vote your conscience in your state’s primary.

Why will Nikki Haley be a better choice? First, she has been a successful governor and UN Ambassador. That will bring fiscal responsibility, economic development and foreign policy acumen. She has an accounting background and she’s told the truth on the debate stage about the math behind the votes we need to take. Also, she has a pragmatic view on what we can accomplish and I believe she will do it.

Former President Trump never talks about fiscal responsibility and I get it. He’s a real estate guy who has made his fortune on leverage and debt. We can’t run a government that way. He did a good job on many things but there were other things he should be challenged on like Covid response, spending and debt. Nikki Haley is right–he should debate her and be asked hard questions not just talk to sycophants who are afraid to challenge him. Take a look at the interviews by both of them since New Hampshire. Who is asked the hard questions? And who is bearing up the best under pressure. It’s Nikki Haley.

I have good friends who disagree with me vehemently on this. They think I’m nuts, but I think they are thinking about what I’m saying. Get out and vote. Vote your preference in the primary and let’s have a match up between the future and the past.