August 11th, 2023

What’s Next for the GOP Field

I hear from these folks every day. They tell me to stop criticizing former President Trump. But I believe in the primary process and as such, you analyze every candidate. The good parts and the bad parts. I’m looking for a positive messenger who can produce results and move us forward. I have made no bones about my belief that both former President Trump and President Joe Biden are too old to run. I want someone younger, more visionary, and able to do what President Ronald Reagan did—make us believe again in the greatness of America. Not just for the people that voted for him, but for every American.

I’m looking closely at Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. I think Mike Pence and Chris Christie are good men and I’m getting to know the rest.

There are three things I can’t get past relating to Trump—a man I voted for twice and gave money to in 2020 even though I’m a daughter of a POW. First, he is raising money from small donors and not spending it on campaigns supporting his candidates or going after Democrats. He’s spending it on legal fees and on attacking other Republicans. Second, almost every person he’s hired in government he ended up firing or turning against and the one person he needed to get rid of—Dr. Fauci—he couldn’t do it. One of his things is “you’re fired” but he couldn’t fire Fauci. Finally, he puts himself first over the country and the Constitution.

I am a conservative with Republican values but if this is the Trump Party, I don’t know where I fit in. I have always been a fight from the inside kind of person, so I will keep fighting.

Here’s the response that Ron DeSantis gave to the question of Trump and his attacks. Take a listen. We’ll keep talking about it!