January 17th, 2024

What’s Upcoming and How Conservatives Will Fare


What’s Upcoming and How Conservatives Will Fare

By Martha Zoller


Last week, we talked to Cong. Buddy Carter (GA-01) and Cong. Mike Collins (GA-10). Collins is also fondly called the “Memer of Congress” because he’s found a way to have a sense of humor in a very difficult time. As they say, “This is a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into” again regarding the budget. Clearly the Congress can’t do math. One of the reasons I’m supporting Nikki Haley for President is because she’s the only one acknowledging the math of the current situation. Plus 2 in the House, Minus 2 in the Senate. And a Dem/Dim president.

We need more work and implementing ideas like former Senator  Kelly Loeffler as she continues to innovate in the campaigning space. Using her data background to start Rally Right, she will provide tools for conservative campaigns. We are losing with young people and small donors.

As we get through the caucus and primary season, demand that candidates talk real issues. They aren’t doing it now and we are going to suffer for it. I will continue to have conversations with everyone who is willing to come to the table because if we don’t win back the Senate, get a much bigger margin in the House and beat Joe Biden this November, we won’t get our agenda through and that will be a loss for everyone.

We’ve got the numbers right now to win, so get out there and vote and when the primaries are through, get behind one of the nominees, review the third party candidates and get back out to vote in November.