December 21st, 2020

Where have I been?

I ended up in the emergency room on November 22nd. It was pretty scary. Thankfully, in the non-Covid part of the ER no one was there and they took me right back. It might have been the gasping for breath but I’m a little fuzzy on the details. I’m a half full kind of girl and in most instances that serves me well, but in this case, I had let things get out of hand.


Two weeks earlier I saw my PCP on what we both thought was a sinus infection. As if my custom, it got down into my chest and we thought is was bronchitis. By the 19th, I was feeling better. Two days later, while I was broadcasting my Friday show, I started feeling really bad again. I had a lung abscess and we believe looking back on it, that is when it burst and fluid started going into my right chest cavity. I called my PCP and we set some parameters of oxygen saturation rates that would mean, “go to the hospital.”


I was admitted and told pretty quickly, they would have to do surgery. This was a rare occurrence; leave it to me to do the unusual. The fluid was encapsulated so they would make two incisions in my back and go in and get the fluid out by any means necessary. The surgery was a success and the healing process began.


I’m taking it one day at a time and getting better every day. My doctor said for me to incorporate as much normalcy into my routine as I can handle understanding I will get tired. So Bill Maine installed a makeshift studio in my home so I could do the show and not be around people. In addition, my other projects primarily require me to do interviews with media about the Senate runoff, so I can do that by phone. And, I have a paper to complete and registration to do for my final semester in grad school. I will get there!