December 2nd, 2016

Working for the Weekend, We Are Gator Haters!

Everybody’s working for the weekend is what the song says, but when you are working and going to grad school, you are working on the weekend.

Had a great Friday work/life day.  It was my daughter’s 25th birthday.  She’s visiting for the holidays and so we started the day singing “Happy Birthday!” I finished my work for my senator and then I made the list for the weekend.


I’m at my best in the AM, so it’s up early tomorrow to write the paper due on Monday, do the readings for Monday and revise my research design. On Monday, I’ll get the exam folder and decide what 24 hour period to take it, take the exam and finish my research design.

I’m not going to wait til the last minute. I’m not going to wait until the last minute…..and so on.

And we are Gator Haters.  The goal is to get finished by 4 pm and watch the SEC Championship Game between Alabama and Florida.  Roll Tide!