November 18th, 2016

Working for the Weekend

I’m finally making some progress on my papers.  On Wednesday in Research Methods, half the class made presentations of their research design papers.  I usually am the one that likes to go first, but I’ve been really unsure about what is expected in this class–not because the prof isn’t clear, but because I’m still learning the lingo–so I thought I’d watch a few first.  The drawback to that, is I’ll have to be working on this over Thanksgiving.

The timeline is working and because of the timeline, I’ve got to get back to work.

Make a list, check it twice..oh no, that’s Santa. Seriously, the list is the all important tool to keep me on track.  I have all the digital tools, which I love and embrace.  However, there is nothing that compares with a list that your prioritize and organize in order of importance on the back of an envelope!



I’ll be giving a speech to the Union County GOP tomorrow recapping the election and probably taking a few questions on smoke and drought issues.  The rest of the weekend is reading, notating, writing and organizing!  Yippee!