June 6th, 2018


I love that show, “Younger.” I know–it’s campy, full of love triangles, a little bawdy–but I love it.  I’ve read the book and like another series I like, “Game of Thrones,” the writers have gone way past the book and it’s all make believe now. It was make believe before, but it was make believe from the written word and that is different. And it doesn’t hurt that the star, Sutton Foster, is a big Broadway star and you know how I love my musicals.

Yesterday, was a great day.  I started out at the U. S. Chamber’s small business master class.  Talk about follow up? I received more emails on this one event asking me questions, inviting me, thanking me for registering, and a follow up “what did you think” practically before it was over. It was a bit like a network marketing event, but in a very cool space and geared toward millennial (is that with a capital “M”?) small business start ups and owners. But there were a few of us dinosaurs there and anyway, since I’ve been back in school and the people I work with make me feel young.  I can talk the talk even if walking the walk gets harder until I get my knees replaced. Yikes!

Then I worked a full day and picked my hubby up from a trip.  Even after all these years, I still get excited to see him. I couldn’t wait. We had dinner together and then he went back to the shop and I worked and then watched TV. It’s nice and simple but I can’t wait for class to start.

Younger is a show about a woman who gets divorced and lies about her age to get a job in publishing. Zany situations ensue and last night the truth was revealed to her age appropriate love interest.  And by the way, I’m #TeamCharles. It’s going to be rocky and I’m going to love it. The perfect summer series to clear your mind before you get back into the really busy part of your life.

And there’s a runoff on July 24.  Depending on how it turns out, will determine if I’m a sage in class or a has-been. So for goodness sakes, if you are reading this and you live in Georgia, if you are eligible to vote, you can still register until 30 days before the runoff and vote in the runoff and if you didn’t vote in the primary and are already registered, you can vote in the runoff.  I’m asking you to vote for Brian Kemp for Governor. But either way, vote! Friends don’t let friends vote alone.

I said in a speech on Saturday that we don’t have to accept that runoff numbers are much less than primary numbers of voters. If people don’t vote in runoffs, it’s not because they don’t care, but because no one asked them. Vote on July 24.