A Day in the Life

I really hate powerpoint presentations, but I try to do them well when I have to. This week, we’ll be presenting in my class and since I like to get up in front of people, I will do the presentation…with a powerpoint.

I never really ever had to do one before I got into grad school. I have given 100s of speeches, but I like to walk among the crowd and be more eye to eye in my presentation. I also hate it when people use powerpoints and then read them. That is a bad presentation.

My team was great, though. I liked that the professor just put us together in groups and then we figured out how to work together. She also gave us time in class to work on it and I liked that, too. The best part of grad school is the people. I’m meeting people on an equal footing that I wouldn’t have met otherwise and I’m happy about that.

On a completely un-school topic, I discovered these Netflix movies based on the Jenny Han novels about Lara Jean Covey and I love them. The are the perfect movies to watch when you need to take a break and remember high school. The are the “To all the boys….” movies and you should watch them, too.

Okay, Martha, back to work! The powerpoint awaits.