November 27th, 2016

That Feeling You Get…

That feeling you get when you realize that you forgot one thing…

I had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and just the normal about of projects and stress.  We call it a Zollaholiday!


Today, it’s back to work and I had it all together.  Ready to write the draft of my research design and work on putting together the Power Point for the presentation. So I texted my discussant and asked if she had a minute for a question. She did and we talked and got all the details sorted out on process, then she said, “Just use the format of one of the readings for Vining’s class for the bibliography.” Oh, s#$%! I forgot we had readings for this week and class is tomorrow. The topic is the Courts which is this professor’s field of expertise!  Oh, s%^&!

This will be a short post today, because I will be working the rest of the day.  But I will be taking time for a little hike around the property.