January 3rd, 2023

What Next?

By the time you read this, you will know who the Speaker of the House will be. I’ve been sitting here watching C-Span and it’s like watching paint dry.  The protest votes have nothing left to prove and are just waiting time. But I am not worried about the leadership of the House, I am worried about the rank and file in the GOP Caucus. We have a looming budget crisis and unless we have a united GOP, we will go over the proverbial fiscal cliff.


Here is what we need to do. The Republican majority in the House must draw a line in the sand and stand like the Rock of Gibraltar against Democrats and big spending. They must present to the President and his party a budget that balances in 10 years and not move until it is passed. Even If that means shutting down the government.


Everything needs to be on the table. Not only, the discretionary part of the budget which is only about 25% of the total, but also all the mandated spending. This included Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, interest on the debt and federal pensions. This doesn’t mean we want to throw grandma off the cliff, this means we want Social Security and Medicare the be their when my kids and grandkids retire.